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Hello Internet!

My first blog post. I’m excited!

Ok, technically this isn’t my first blog. My first was my Myspace blog. I used it to post vague and emo complaints about a guy and my female family members. I promise, this will be much more interesting!

This is my intro post. Name, interests, general info, what I plan to write about, etc. So…here I go!

My name is Catherine, I’m a sophomore (but it’s gonna take me five years to graduate so that doesn’t really matter), and a speech communication major. But that doesn’t matter either because I want to be a writer, specifically young adult fiction novels. You can expect posts about literature, religion, LGBTQ issues, movies (specifically Disney because I’m mildly obsessed) and other things I can’t think of at the moment.

Ok, I’ll stop boring you now. You can expect better things in the near future. TTFN!

Comments on: "Hello Internet!" (1)

  1. Warren Frisina said:

    Literature, religion, and young adult fiction . . . sounds to me like you should be talking with HUHC’s C&E instructor and faculty mentor Donna Freitas, who is interested in all 3 and has already published 3 young adult novels with Farrar, Strauss and Giroux.

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