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Who Are You?

To answer the question Who am I seems simple. I am ____ or in this case, I am Caitlin. But here’s the challenge: What if  many people share your name so it is no longer unique to you. How do you answer the Who am I question?

Well, I am a senior at Hofstra University, studying Creative Writing and German. (So I am fully prepared to live in a cardboard box come May 23 2011). Ah but there at least 7 other cwalsh ‘s at Hofstra as my pride email is cwalsh8. So is this detail unique enough? I don’t think so.

I am a 22 year old female who straddles the worlds of Boston and Hofstra as well as the Chalrestown that my father grew up in, and the Charlestown I’m growing up in. I am built out of contradictions. I have one foot planted firmly in my Catholic faith, and another in a healthy dose of skepticism. I have a passion for many things, from the most common and predictable like Writing to the most bizarre like Star Trek.

Comments on: "Who Are You?" (2)

  1. Have you read “Speaker for the Dead”? Right after I read it I tried to think about what would be said at my speaking. Who exactly am I? No more, no less. I think even defining yourself as you have you have still said less than you are.

  2. I’ve haven’t read it. Just looked it up. Looks really interesting. If I weren’t already drowning in books I’d get it.

    I pulled some punches, mainly because this is a collaborative blog with several other Hofstra Students that I put together. I didn’t want to go too in depth about me

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