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Recently I found out there’s been a push to get a chapel on Campus. I’m active in the Catholic community at Hofstra so I was able to write about the movement (for lack of a better word) for my Journalism 11 class. I revised the story and submitted it to the Chronicle, if anyone’s interested in reading it they can find it here.

But I want to know what Hofstra thinks. Should there be a chapel on campus? Currently we have Catholic Mass in the Greenhouse, a place that’s hard to find because it’s past the Rathskeller in the basement of the Student Center. And because the Greenhouse is used by other organizations – most notably the SGA on Tuesdays – the Catholic community uses an altar that can be folded up and tucked in a corner.

What the set up looks like.

There's built in storage on the other side of the Altar.

After Mass, everything is put away. The Altar box is tucked into the corner while the Table is put into a closet.

I think we should get a chapel on campus, but it should be a place of communal worship and prayer. Anyone could use it, regardless of their faith, and the three major religions on campus (four if you differentiate between InterVarsity Fellowship and the Catholic Campus Parish) would have equal use of the room. There would be design issues that need to be considered. I don’t think the Jewish and Muslim groups would appreciate gathering in a room with stain glass windows and crosses and a crucifix everywhere.

What do YOU think?

Comments on: "Chapel on Campus?" (3)

  1. cdreamer said:

    Honestly, I think that if campus had a building designated for worship, and it was designed so that it could be used by people of any and all faiths, it would be really cool. A kind of “it doesn’t matter what you believe this is a safe place for you” place. If it was done correctly and people treated it well and kept it drama free, I see no problem with this idea.

  2. Well a problem is it won’t be done correctly. This is Hofstra. 😉 /cynical much?

    In a perfect world I’d have exactly what you described on campus. Heck I’ll give them money when I get rich and famous so they can build it.

    Nothing major is going to happen until they decide to renovate the Student Center, as I don’t see them giving up any space to devote to a Chapel any time soon.

    • cdreamer said:

      Yeah that’s probably true. It’s unfortunate. But who knows, maybe if enough students showed interest and maybe did some fundraising we could convince Hofstra to change their minds.
      Power of the peopel and all that jazz 😉

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