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Has anyone seen this webpage, or the flyers floating around campus? Hofstra has complied a list of ways to de-stress. There are 75 helpful (and some not so helpful) ways of managing stress.

  1. Attend a Haha Hofstra event and laugh out loud!
  2. Play games in the Student Center Game Room
  3. Sip an herbal tea at Java Connect         
  4. Memorize a silly saying
  5. Massage your face
  6. Schedule five four minute breaks a day, and then take them
  7. Take a fitness walk with Recreation & Intramural Sports
  8. Talk with people you care about
  9. Write down your frustrations
  10. Spend some time each day alone
  11. Listen to your favorite music
  12. Organize your closet
  13. Read from a book or site with inspirational quotes
  14. Go “out to eat” right here on campus at Tapas Restaurant
  15. Meditate at the Saltzman Center
  16. Draw something
  17. Have a bubble gum blowing contest
  18. Exercise regularly
  19. If you feel like crying, cry
  20. Keep a journal
  21. Make a to do list
  22. Take a different route to class
  23. Get some clay and create a masterpiece
  24. Eat breakfast
  25. Experience the wonder of nature on campus and have a sweet surprise with our own Honeybees and Hofstra Honey “Arboretum Amber”
  26. Make a new recipe
  27. Grab a camera and start snapping
  28. Be early to your classes and appointments
  29. Enjoy a frozen yogurt at Red Mango
  30. Read the newspaper all the way through
  31. Take 5 slow deep breaths
  32. Try something new
  33. Sit in a quiet place
  34. Get enough sleep
  35. Reconnect with an old friend
  36. Play the kazoo – or any instrument
  37. Call a family member just to talk
  38. Take a yoga class at the Fitness Center
  39. Skip to your next appointment (instead of skipping your next appointment)
  40. Rent a funny movie
  41. Take a walk through the Pinetum on South Campus after a snow fall
  42. Learn to speak pig Latin
  43. Rinse your face with cold water
  44. Shop without buying
  45. Handwrite a long letter
  46. Kick a ball hard
  47. Watch cartoons
  48. Take a few minutes to relax and view Hofstra’s four seasons of flora
  49. Keep your bank account balanced
  50. Complete the CV Starr Labyrinth
  51. Swim
  52. Hold your breath, let it out slowly
  53. Do some really messy finger painting
  54. Play tag
  55. Stretch throughout the day
  56. Look in the mirror and tell yourself three things you like about yourself
  57. Take a leisurely bike ride
  58. Make a gift for a friend
  59. Be honest and respectful with yourself and others
  60. Go to a Pride sporting event
  61. Enjoy the art and the NYC landscape from the 10th floor of the library
  62. Express your appreciation to someone
  63. Allow yourself some free time
  64. Lift weights
  65. Read old emails or letters from friends
  66. Blow bubbles
  67. Ask for help when you need it
  68. Make a stress ball and squeeze it
  69. Imagine sitting by a stream and each problem you have is a leaf floating by
  70. Take a minute to relax while walking through the Bird Sanctuary (schedule a tour at (516) 463-6623)
  71. Sit and enjoy the Hofstra Sensory Garden
  72. Take a self guided walking tour of the 75 years of history at Hofstra
  73. Enjoy the multitude of statues and flowers throughout campus
  74. Relax your mind with Hofstra’s own visualization videos
  75. Enjoy a play at the Adam’s Playhouse

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