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Hello, my name is Audrey. My tag name says Magpie17 because at some point a friend of mine accused me of being overly fascinated with shiny objects, so I ran with the idea.

I am here, writing on this blog, because in the early years I once fancied myself a writer. While I have not partaken in any such creative or pleasure writing for many moons, I felt this could be an opportunity to resurrect my dormant abilities. Also, as one who has never blogged before, I felt like a minority of our generation and decided that I would cave to the peer pressure and see what it’s like.

As far as what I plan on writing about, I would prefer not to limit the topics to any few, specific things, as I take interest in the world at large. In all likelihood, I will write about whatever suits my fancy at the moment, and hopefully I will make it worth your reading. I very much enjoy new ideas and experiences and would appreciate suggestions of topics to investigate.

As for some basic facts about me:
+I am a junior and a linguistics major double minoring in Arabic as well as Middle Eastern Studies.
+I play rugby, which is, without a doubt, the best sport in existence.
+I have a passion for learning about languages, cultures, and the people in them.
+I am from a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland. No, I don’t speak with a Bal’mor accent and yes, I do eat crabs.
+I listen to an array of music and dabble in various means of creativity.