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C&E References in Lost

After I took C&E last year, I was surprised how many allusions from C&E books we read were in popular culture. For example, I realized that Beatrice from A Series of Unfortunate Events is an allusion to Dante’s Beatrice in his Divine Comedy. I also began watching Lost last year and I was astounded by how many references there were to things that I had just learned in C&E. Here’s a list of some of the allusions that I picked up on.

-John Locke: This is the most obvious allusion. The character of John Locke is based off of the philosopher by the same name. Although we didn’t read anything he wrote in C&E, he often came up in discussions, especially his Tabula Rasa theory. One of Lost’s episodes is titled Tabula Rasa and the theme of the episode revolves around his blank slate theory. (more…)